Feria de Cordoba

feria de cordoba

This is perhaps the biggest and grandest fair in Cordoba. At the end of May, you will see the city fully come alive as they prepare to celebrate the Feria de Cordoba. It starts off with a grand fireworks display and then you are in for nine days of music and merrymaking.

There are carnival games and rides, music and dancing on the streets, and fair food. Of course, there are "casetas", or booths. The casetas provide food and music to help celebrate the week. You get to visit each to find out who serves the best tapas and music, for a price, of course. There are locals in traditional Andalusian costumes, even while flamenco and salsa music fill the air.

The fair is held at the municipal El Arenal fairgrounds, just on the outskirts of the city. A bus takes the revelers to and from the City Center and the fairgrounds.

In the city, the fair is celebrated in the squares and streets by thousands of masked and highly exuberant people. Be sure to pass by San Agustin Square, the Corredera Square, Cristo Garcia Square and Poeta Juan Bernier Square.

The Feria de Cordoba is an amazing time filled with music, drinking, dancing and eating. Party on!