Córdoba Video Tour

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Videos of Cordoba

Knowing Cordoba Cordoba is a city to be savored and enjoyed, and so are its shops, restaurants, parks and gardens, and nightlife.
History of Córdoba Cordoba reached the height of its glory under the rule of the Moors, who wrested Cordoba from the hands of the Romans in 711. Cordoba was proclaimed an emirate under the rule of the Damascus caliphate.
Fernán Nuñez, Córdoba Is a town in southern Spain, in the province of Córdoba, in Andalusia
Cultural City Cordoba has a lot to boast of in terms of culture, music and art. It is the birthplace of the philosopher Seneca, the Jewish physician Maimonedes, and Averroes.
The Great Mosque of Córdoba Magnificent mosques, one-of-a-kind buildings and gardens. Find out why Cordoba is named as one of the World Heritage Site
The Great Tourism of Córdoba Cordoba, during its heyday, was probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And even now, it still retails much of its former glory.