Safety & Emergencies in Cordoba, Spain

You need not fret in Cordoba. It is generally peaceful and safe, there are no violent criminals, just mostly bag snatchers and pickpockets.

Some safety tips:

  • Always be on the lookout, and be especially alert in crowded areas such as the trains and the markets
  • In crowded areas, place wallets in front rather than in the back (for men) and purses and bags in front or close to your side
  • Don’t put your valuables on display – it might prove too tempting for the petty criminals
  • When driving, choose a secure place to park
  • Do not leave your valuables inside the car
  • Don’t travel alone at night
  • As much as possible, travel in groups
  • If staying in groups is not possible, stay in well-lighted areas
  • Be wary of gypsies trying to sell you some herbs (such as rosemary)

If you ever become a victim, call the police immediately. If you intend to make an insurance claim, your insurance company will require a police report.

Cordoba has a very good health care system. The Pharmacies, which can be known by the large green cross outside the shop, are open 24 hours. Medicine, depending on the type, may be dispensed without a prescription.

The water is generally safe to drink but to be on the safe side, drink bottled water.

For tourists from other EU countries, don’t forget to bring your EU health card. You can use this to cover medical expenses.

In case of emergencies, call:

Health Care Emergency: 061
Ambulance: +34 957 294470
National Police: 091
Local Police: 092
Fire: 080

Tourist Information
Palacio de Exposiciones
Address: Torrijos 10, in front of the Mosque
Telephone: +34 957 471235
Internet Access
In the Judería, try NavegaWeb, Plaza Judá Leví (tel. 95-729-30-89). The charge is 1.20€ ($1.45) per hour. Open daily 10am to 10pm.