Gothic Architecture in Cordoba, Spain

mezquita arches

Gothic architecture is about soaring columns and stately structures. In cathedrals, Gothic architecture features flying buttresses, pointed arches and embellishments with glass.

When the Spanish Kings reconquered Cordoba, the interior of the Mezquita was also reconstructed. Some of the columns were taken down to make way for a gothic style cathedral. This cathedral was placed right in the center of the mosque.

The La Paloma entrance was restyled into the gothic style in the 15th century. Most of the churches built in the same century were also of Gothic style. The Iglesia de San Andres has an imposing Gothic entrance and central apsis, while the Iglesia de San Miguel is in the Gothic-Mudejar tradition. The Santa Maria del Soterraño Church has a Gothic building designed by Hernan Luiz in 1530.