Taxis in Cordoba, Spain


Taxis are readily available in Cordoba. It is just as easy to hail a taxi from the streets as it is to hail a taxi by phone. Taxis are white, and their numbers are printed on the side door. Be sure to have the driver use the meter, since fares are based on this. There should be no need to negotiate for a fixed fare. If the driver is asking for a fixed price to drive you to a destination, leave the taxi and find another one.

Fares do change depending on the time of the day and month. For example, fares increase during siesta time and late at night and a supplement may be requested by the driver during fiestas.

Be sure to bring an English-Spanish book as communication with the driver can be a problem.

Taxi fares usually range from €3 to €5 (for example, from the train station to the Mezquita). Of course, this depends on traffic. Taxi stands are available at some intersections, particularly the busy ones such as Calle Agustin Moreno, Plaza de Tendillas, Calle Arcos de la Frontera, Plaza Colon, Calle Ciudad Jardin, Avenida del Gran Capitan and Calle Cañero.

You may call Radio Taxi (957 76 44 44) for taxi pick-ups.