Tapas Bars in Cordoba, Spain


Tapas are small portions of food, usually eaten standing up with a drink in the other hand. It is composed of virtually anything – just small portions of it. Tapas come in different kinds – cheese, ham, squid, what have you. This way, you get to taste a lot of Andalusian specialties without having to pay an arm and a leg for your adventures.

Here are some of Cordoba's tapas bars, the best of which you'll find near the Mezquita and the historic Jewish quarter.

Taberna Salinas

(Calle Tundidores, 3)
  • Very popular with the locals, as it has an excellent selection of tapas. Expect a crowd.

Bodega Taberna Rafaé

(End of Calle Deanes)
  • Located near the Mezquita. A good spot to stop for lunch.

Taberna Guzman

(Calle Judíos)
  • Try their Moriles wine! And take you fill of the bullfighting memorabilia that covers the walls.

Taberna Sociedad de Plateros

(Calle San Francisco, 6)
  • Near Plaza del Potro. Fine selection of tapas.

Casa Pepe

(Calle Romero, 1)
  • Small bar but with bigger portions – ½ racion is big enough for two people to share.

La Cordobesa

(Plaza Benavente)
  • Great place to relax, quiet.

Taberna San Miguel

(Plaza San Miguel, 1)
  • Located North of Plaza Tendillas, behind the San Miguel church.

El Sotano

(Plaza Corredera, 1)
  • Family owned and has a rich menu list of tapas.

La Esquinita

(Calle Romero, 2)
  • Great to have a quick snack before heading for the Mezquita

La Cavea

(Plaza de Jeronimo Paez)
  • Near the Archeological Museum. Has a shaded terrace where you can relax while nibbling your tapas.

La Abaceria

(Calle Corregidor Luis de la Cerda, 73)
  • Also called Casa de la Tapa Cordobesa. Near the Mezquita. Very cozy.

La Viña del Señor

(Bulevar Hernán Ruiz, 27)
  • Known for its wine tavern – in fact, it is part of the Montilla-Moriles Wine Route. Also offers great tasting tapas snacks.