Tourism in Cordoba's City Center

plaza de las tendillasGetting around the City Center and its sights will just take a few hours of leisurely walking. Here are the highlights:

Templo Romano
Calle Claudio Marcelo, 29
This is a stunning reminder of the Roman heritage of Cordoba. It is said that the temple is dedicated to the Emperor Augustus – and what a stunning tribute it is, from what remains of the grand temple. Although only some of the columns, the altar and the foundation are the only things that are left, you can still see a glimpse of its grandeur. Come nightfall, when the columns are all lighted up in warm colors, you cannot help but be overwhelmed by its beauty. The temple is beside the Cordoba Town Hall.
Plaza de las Tendillas
The Plaza de las Tendillas is the heart of the city center and of Cordoba. This main square has a huge fountain and a public clock that strikes the hours by playing flamenco music. Here, you can find the statue of the Gran Capitan, Gonzalo Fernandes de Cordoba, riding on a horse. He was a Cordoban who conquered the kingdom of Naples in the name of the Crown of Aragon.

The plaza is also Cordoba’s major shopping center, filled with shops and some of the more popular taverns where you get to taste Cordoba’s traditional cuisine.

Torre de la Mamuerta
Avenida de Ollerías
The name “Mamuerta” is traced back to a legend, where a knight caught his wife with another man. In a passionate rage, he killed both his wife and her lover. He avoided being sentenced to death, because of his position as a knight. Instead, the knight was allegedly jailed in this tower until his death.

Located at the city center’s northern perimeter, this octagonal tower was part of the former city wall. It was built with large pinnacles on top and has a huge arch where some stone plates contain old inscriptions. It is an example of medieval architecture.

Inside, you can climb up a staircase into a large hall for a majestic panoramic view of the city center.

Plaza de la Corredera
A place where bullfights used to be held, the Plaza de la Corredera is the only closed main square in Andalusia. It also the site for huge parties and festivities.

The plaza is where old-time Cordobans (think medieval and renaissance times) went to drink, celebrate, shop and even gather to watch executions under the Inquisition. Today, the plaza is used for virtually the same purposes (with the exception of executions, of course!). The plaza is a good place to relax in – sipping Montilla wine while seated in chairs and tables sprawled halfway across the square.

Iglesia de San Nicolás
Calle Conde de Gondomar
The main attraction of this church is the bell and the tower from which it plays its beautiful music. The bell tower is octagonal in shape and is considered to be one of the most beautiful towers in town. The 16th century baptistery is also worth seeing.

Iglesia de San Miguel
This church is over 700 years old. Built by Ferdinand III upon his conquest of Cordoba, it consists of three naves and is Romanesque in design. A mosque used to stand in these grounds, but only a horseshoe arch remains as a reminder of the mosque’s existence.

The city center comes alive at night – with dance clubs, bars, night clubs and taverns providing you with many choices in which to enjoy the night. There are also movies at the cinemas and performances (operas, ballet, concerts) at the Gran Teatro.

*You can also ask the tourism office for some information on activities and events in the squares at the city center.