Hotels in Cordoba, Spain


4-Star Hotels

  • Hotel Amistad de Cordoba (Plaza de Maimonides 3, Tel: 957 42 03 35)

    Very classy, very classic. This hotel is located at the center of the historic district, near the Synagogue and the Mezquita. The hotel is made up of two 18th century mansions overlooking the Plaza de Maimonides. There is a Mudejar cobblestone courtyard, a luxurious lounge area and ornately carved ceilings.

  • Hotel Conquistador (Calle Magistral Gonzalez Frances 15, Tel: 957 48 11 02)

    This hotel sits squarely in the central square of the Historic Center. The Mezquita is just 10 meters away! Rooms are decorated in the Andalusian style and those at the front have great views of the Mezquita from their balcony.

  • Hotel Macia Alfaros (Calle Alfaros 18, Tel: 957 49 19 20)

    Great location – near the major shopping areas, the city center and the historic center. The rooms are spacious and open into an inner patio.

  • Hotel Occidental Cordoba (Calle Poeta Alonso Bonilla 7)

    Within 10 minutes from the city center, a good place to relax in. Near the AVE Train Station.

  • Lola (Calle Romero 3, Tel: 957 20 03 05)

    Very warm and cozy, but still near the major sights. You can see the Mezquita towers from the roof terrace.

3-Star Hotels

  • Hotel Maimonides (Calle Torrijos 4)

    Located right next to the Mosque.

  • Hotel Selu (Calle Eduardo Dato 7)

    Comfort and convenience in this hotel near the historical center.

  • Hotel Maimonides (Calle Torrijos 4, Tel: 957 47 15 00)

    Fascinating ornamental wood ceiling.

  • Hotel Al-Mihrab (Avenida del Brillante, km. 5)

    Sitting in the Sierra Morena mountains and affords postcard perfect views of these mountains.

2-Star Hotels

  • Hotel Las Omeyas

    Located in the Jewish Quarter. Has a traditional patio that has Arabic and Andalusian embellishments.

  • Hotel Riviera

    A 10-minute from the historical quarter and 5-minutes from the AVE train station.

  • Casa de los Naranjos (Calle Isabel Losa 8)

    Very charming old town building with just 20 rooms.

  • Casa de los Azulejos (Calle Fernando Colon 5)

    Small but very cozy.

  • Hotel San Miguel (Calle San Zoilo 4)

    Charm and efficiency personified.

  • Luna de Cristal (Plaza de las Cañas 1)

    Typical Andalusian dwelling. Near the beautiful Corredera Square.

1-Star Hotels

  • Hotel Boston (Plaza Tendillas)

  • Hotel Maestre (Calle Romero Barros 4-6, Tel: 957 47 24 10)

    In the corner of the Plaza del Potro. Elegance and grace at an excellent price.

  • Hotel Plateros (Plaza Seneca 4)

    Clean and cozy hotel located in the Historic Quarter.